Where is Mustang Nepal located in the world map for tourism

Where is Mustang Nepal located on the world map information for tourism

Where is Mustang Nepal located on the world map information for tourism

“Where is Mustang” the Upper Mustang is distant and isolated part of Himalayas. It has ancient caves, hikes and royals known as the secret Kingdom of Lo. Upper mustang located in the northern central part of Nepal. Rain shadow mustang area is located north to Annapurna an

Where is Mustang Nepal

Dhaulagiri and the edge of the Tibetan plateau. It helps all you to know about mustang Nepal location on the world map. Traditional culture, high altitude desert, ancient caves, deep gorges and dramatic landscape are the major attraction of the last forbidden kingdom.

The independent Kingdom was founded in 1380 by Ame Pal. It was annexed by Nepal in 18th century. In 1950 the former Kingdom of Lo officially declared part of Nepal. One of the most preserved regions in the world the upper mustang open for limited tourist to visit since 1992. Special permit is essential to visit mustang Nepal.

Brief information about Upper Mustang
Lo Manthang is the capital of upper mustang Nepal. Arts, culture tradition and religion of this area are very similar to the Tibet. Most of the local speak Tibetan language territory also similar to Tibet. Main occupations of the inhabitant in this area are tourism, trading and animal husbandry.

Where is mustang situated?

Upper mustang Nepal situated in the middle of Himalayas along with the Kaligandaki River. It runs in southward direction to Nepal and in between it bisects Mustang. Trekkers walk along the narrow cliffs, go up to cave, absorb the silence and interesting views of the blue sky and mountains. The river route was used for trading salt and was a major route of trade for Tibet and India.

 Kali Gandaki gorge is formed by the river valley parts in the south of Mustang Nepal. This gorge is also the deepest in the world. Upper mustang trek start from Kagbeni village 2810 meters and reaches to discover Lo Manthang situated an elevation of 3,840 meters / 12,600 feet above sea level.

Upper mustang to experience the Tibetan plateau in Nepal
Discover the typical Tibetan settlements, ancient man-made caves, Tibetan culture and nature splendor of Upper Mustang. It is a village surrounded by red hills on all sides despite having Himalayas just behind. It is a landscape which seems no less than a dream.

This area is not crowed because of the expenditure, small number of tourist visit each year. This is surely a onetime experience that you must get once in your lifetime. Upper mustang Nepal has maintained its uniqueness it brings you close to the Tibetan culture of traditional times.

I think you are clear on location of upper mustang Nepal on the world map. We organize group joining and private upper mustang trek to show you the dreamland write us to get the quote.

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    Amazingly beautiful Upper Mustang is a region of Himalayas untouched from outside cultures since centuries. It was epic journey lifetime tip and top trek in my life. Kathmandu to Pokhara to Jomsom by drive or flight then upper mustang trek begins from Jomsom. Kagbeni is the gateway to Upper mustang in Mustang district Nepal.

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