What is Tiji festival that celebrates in Mustang region Nepal

What is Tiji festival that celebrates in Mustang region Nepal

What is Tiji festival that celebrates in Mustang region Nepal

Tiji is a charming annual festival celebrates in Upper Mustang at Lo-Mustang according to the Tibetan rituals. Tiji “Tenpa Chirim” is the short version of prayer for the World Peace. Date of to celebrate Tiji festival fixed according to the Tibetan lunar calendar. It celebrates for 3 days on the months of May.

It commemorates the victory of Lord Buddha’s incarnation Dorjee Sonnu over a demon called Man Tam Ru a cruel creature feeding on human beings and causing storms and droughts.Upper mustang Tiji festival trek in kingdom of Lo

Who organize the Tiji festival @Lo Manthang?

“Choedhe Monastery” belongs to the Sakya sect of Buddhism organizes the Tiji festival at Lo Manthang. The monks of “Choedhe” monastery perform ritual dances during the celebration. It is quite pleasant to see the religious dances during the festival.

You can enjoy ‘Tsa Chham’ on the first day; it refers the harassment of the demon and birth of the demon’s son. It is pleasing to see energetic dances and performance during the third day of celebration. Tibetan Buddhist celebrates a legend of a son who has saved the kingdom of Mustang from the destructive force.

What are the highlights of the Tiji festival? Upper mustang trek to visit kingdom of mustang Nepal

If you are planning to visit the Upper Mustang to attend the Tiji-festival dates, then you have to be flexible to stay in camps or lodges according to availability. If you book Tenchi festival celebration trek in advance we do provide you lodge accommodation too.

Travelers can get beautiful views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, mountain villages, Buddhist shrines, Chhortens and Kalighandaki River from the way to Tenpa Chirim-festival route. The terrain is hard, dry and rough, but you can gather unforgettable moments.

Lo Manthang trek map, altitude to visit Kingdom of MustangCompletely upper mustang trek information

Mustang tiji festival trekking provides you an opportunity to know all detail “what is tiji festival”. Visit Nepal to celebrate this festival in Lo Manthang. Spend three days in Lo Manthang to enjoy a vibrant Buddhist celebration, traditional and religious dances.

We organize Upper Mustang Tiji festival trek each year to introduce the importance of festival to the tourists. Let’s check upper mustang Tiji trek itinerary and date to celebrate carnival in Upper Mustang Nepal.

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