Upper mustang trekking map of mustang trek route trans-Himalaya

Upper mustang trekking map of mustang trek route

Upper mustang trekking maps of mustang trek route

The Upper Mustang trekking map provides clear idea of the Mustang trekking route, walking trail, activities and attractions of this area. It helps travelers to prepare mentally and physically for day to day walk; place to see on the way to mustang & things to do in Lo Manthang etc.

Apart from exploring the hidden beauty of this region, the Upper Mustang trek Map of upper mustang trekprovides the tourists the rare opportunity to know in detail about the custom and traditions of the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal.

For all travelers who book upper mustang trek with us will get upper mustang trek map before starting the trip. Upper Mustang trekking map enables the trekkers to find out the trekking trails that lead you to Lo Manthang so as to explore Upper Mustang in the best possible way.

This trek trail offers the trekkers’ awe-inspiring sceneries, splendid views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, sky caves, views of the barren ridges and beautiful ancient monasteries too. Those who enter Lo Manthang, the capital of Upper Mustang realize that this place is entirely different from the rest of the world.

Lo Manthang is the final destination of the Upper Mustang trek route require special permit. Professional guide briefing travelers about untouched Tibetan culture, tradition & unique landscape of mustang while walking from lower mustang to upper.Upper mustang Tiji festival trek in kingdom of Lo

The Upper Mustang trek Nepal route goes through the ancient salt caravan path according to Upper Mustang trekking map. If you would like to buy upper mustang trekking map contact us, we do supply Upper Mustang trek map on your door.

Those who strictly follow the Upper Mustang trek map are able to explore the forbidden kingdom of Mustang in detail. Our cheerful guides who are generously concerned about your safe and wonderful journey to Upper Mustang Nepal. We also operate customized packages to visit Mustang. Please contact us in case of any queries and information required.

Upper Mustang trek map

Upper mustang trek map