Jhong cave in Chhoser, Upper Mustang Nepal

Mysterious Jhong cave at Chhoser in Upper Mustang Nepal

Jhong cave in Chhoser, Upper Mustang Nepal

The Jhong cave in Chhoser is one of the most amazing caves in upper mustang Nepal. Secrets of the sky caves Nepal are attracting attention of archaeologist from around the world. They are very curious to know more about mysteries caves in upper mustang region. Upper mustang is one of the best examples of cave civilization. There are numerous multi-storied man made caves in the hills of Upper Mustang.

Jhong cave in upper mustang is an outstanding cave of upper mustang with 5 story high built into a cliff. There are more than 40 different rooms inside the cave. To enter this cave trekkers have to climb up steep stairs. Inside the cave there are many ladders to go from one floor to another. From the window of Jhong Cave you can see the stunning landscape of Chhoser valley.Sky Caves of Nepal in Upper Mustang

Shija Jhongcave of Chhoser situated close to the border of China (Tibet). It is famous for its past exciting history. Since the people who were living in Chhoser and adjacent villages were always under the threat they stayed together inside the Shija Jhong cave for safety.

Even after decades of research, none could find out who built these caves for what purpose they were built. Ancient time to till now there are different uses of these caves like burial chambers (sky tomb Nepal), hiding places to escape from enemies. When people were settled in traditional villages, the caves became places of meditation and some of these caves were converted as monasteries also.

Spectacular mountain peaks, beautiful landscape, remote villages and the thousands of cave complexes provide a mystic appearance to this place. Jhong cave is in two hours walking distance from Lo Manthang Nepal. Travelers go to visit Chhoser by horse riding as well as jeep driving too. If you interested for sky cave discovery upper mustang trek send an email with your requirements.

Jhong Cave Chhoser attracts a lot of visitors since it is one among the most mysterious caves in Upper Mustang. We organize sky caves exploration trip from the second week of March to third week of November. For any further information on Jhong cave in Chhoser and upper mustang trek please feel comfortable to contact us. We will be delighted to assist you on the matter.

Jhong cave in Chhoser, Upper Mustang Nepal