How to hire a guide in Pokhara | best guide for Annapurna trek

Trekking guide in pokhara - How to hire a guide in Pokhara, get best guide for Annapurna trek Nepal

How to hire a guide in Pokhara, get best guide for Annapurna trek Nepal

Hiring a trekking guide in Pokhara saves the cost of hiring one from Kathmandu. Every trekker has admired the initiation of the provision of hire a guide. While planning for a trek to Annapurna base camp, you must keep in mind that a well knowledge and experienced professional guide and porter are as essential as the equipment’s you need for the trek. Here some tips are provided how to choose a good guide for Annapurna base camp trek.

Select government registered licensed guide throw agency that speak English and have vast knowledge about the trek routes, about local people and their cultures and traditions. We do provide you professional trekking guide for your upcoming Annapurna sanctuary trekking tours in Nepal. Cost to hire tour or trekking guide and porter from Pokhara specified as below.

Guide hiring cost for Annapurna trek from Pokhara
Hire an experience trekking guide in Pokhara cost: US$ 30 per day
Hiring a porter in Pokhara cost: US$ 22 per day
Hire an expert tour guide in Pokhara cost: US$ 35 per day

It is possible to share given porter and guide hiring cost in between your friends traveling together.

How to find a guide in Pokhara? No worry! Contact us for Booking

All you need to know the advice of destination expert before going to discover the Himalayas. Most of the trekking routes are on isolated area need to have professional guide and support staff to make trekking tours safe and sound. Tips to guide in Pokhara for all travelers, must hire a experience guide to make trouble-free journey in the Himalayas. There are different charges for guides, porters and guide cum porter. You have to pay according to the service you prefer; this charge includes everything from their insurance fees to their meals, accommodations, salaries, price of their equipment’s etc.

I think given tips make you clear about Annapurna base camp trek guide hiring tips as well as other trekking routes and Pokhara sightseeing programs too. If you have any more question and confusion write us. We are happy to do provide you professional trekking guide in Pokhara to make your journey safe and memorable forever.

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    Planning to do Upper Mustang trek to visit Lo Manhang area with my friends, this article helps me to find the reliable guide and porter. We enjoyed the trip and learn many things abput Tibetan culture from them they take care of us throughout the journey. Thank you very much Mr Sagar for all arrangements that made our Nepal trip memorable forever.

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    We need a guide and porters for our group to do the Annapurna base camp trek via poon hill, I book guide and porters from Pokhara with this company. They send us professional guide and helpful porters thanks for such professional services on competitive price. Thanks again for sharing useful information about guide and porters hire from Pokhara or Kathmandu.

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