Peoples, culture & interesting facts about Mustang Nepal

Explore peoples, culture & interesting facts about Mustang Nepal

Explore peoples, culture & interesting facts about Mustang Nepal

Mustang area field with pure natural and cultural diversity located in Dhaulagiri zone in northern part of Nepal. This article try to explain on interesting facts about Mustang Nepal. There are two parts of mustang (upper mustang and lower mustang).

Lower mustang famous for pilgrimage Kagbeni & Muktinath, Annapurna circuit trek and apple farming. Upper Mustang its natural beauty, unique culture & picturesque landscapes. Due to its geographical location, Mustang is largely dry, cool, and semi-arid. Upper mustang trek to visit kingdom of mustang Nepal

List of some Interesting facts about Mustang Nepal

01: One of the most interesting facts about Mustang Nepal is that Mustang is known as the lost kingdom of Tibet. In the old times, it used to be a part of the Tibetan empire.

Therefore, it is closely connected to Tibet in traditions, cultures, religious beliefs, languages, and geography. Now, Mustang is a part of Nepal. People of Mustang still practice Tibetan Buddhism in its pure form.

02: The inhabitants of Mustang either belong to Tibetan or Thakalis origin and culture of Mustang is highly influenced by Tibetan cultures and customs.

03: The administrative center of Mustang is located at the Jomsom town. The town has had an airport since 1962. Mustang was opened for the western tourists in 1992 and since then, Jomsom has become the main entry point for the tourists.

04: Being surrounded by the snow-capped mountains, Mustang receives snowfall in winter, dry and cold year round.

05: Lo Manthang is the capital of Mustang. Here, trekkers can see some interesting Gompas, traditional houses, narrow streets, and a royal palace. You can explore most of the town in a few hours. When is the best time to visit mustang Nepal

06: Animal husbandry and trade are main sources of income for people of lower and upper Mustang.

07: Upper Mustang is a place of religious importance for Hindu followers. A large number of Hindu pilgrims visit the Muktinath temple because they believe that bathing here is a ritual to obtain salvation.

08: Another sacred site of Hindu “Damodar kunda” also situated in upper mustang. it is the origins of fossil stone.
09: One of the interesting facts about Mustang Nepal is that religion and festivals have important role in the life of Mustang people. Tiji, Lhosar, Saka Lugka and Duk Chu are main festivals of Mustang’s inhabitants. On special occasions, people invite lamas to perform religious rituals at their homes.

10: Tiji festival is one of the main festivals celebrated every year, in the month of April or May, by the people of Mustang. This festival is influenced by the Tibetan Buddhism and has an important role in the culture of Mustang.

11: Local still practice fraternal polyandry (marrying all the brothers of a family with a single girl). it is a socially acceptable way of family life in the culture of Mustang NepalUpper mustang Tiji festival trek in kingdom of Lo

12: Upper Mustang and Kali gandaki valley a part of traditional salt trading route from Tibet to India used in the 15th century.

13: Upper Mustang trek offers an opportunity to discover the years old monasteries, caves civilization and sky burial in the Himalayas.

14: Barren landscape of Mustang has kept the thousands of years loneliness, culture, lifestyle and heritage intact for centuries.

15: Sacred Kingdom of Lo or Upper Mustang is only place to explore the living Tibetan culture in Nepal.

The surrounding areas of upper mustang offer many attractions and natural treasures. Jhong cave, monastery, Cora la border, snow covered mountains and grand rock formation attract the attention of travelers. Trekking tours and sightseeing activities can be performed in upper mustang areas.

We advise all to plane trip before 1 PM because afternoons can be very cold and windy. If you would love to explore peoples, culture & interesting facts about Mustang Nepal, book upper mustang tour or trek with us to see its wonder. Our professional guide help you to make epic journey to Lo-Manthang Nepal.